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Visa to Vietnam

  • Visa

    • I. Quotation
    • Visa to Vietnam Duration Price (USD)
      I. Entry visa to Vietnam
      One month visa – single entry Normal 3 days 15
      Urgent 1 days 20
      Get visa at Tan Son Nhat airport (Customers must pay more 25 USD at the airport) 3 days 15
      1 days 25
      Visa multiple entry 3 months 3 days 30
      6 months 3 days 45
      II. Issuance and extension of visas
      Extension 1 month/single entry 5 days 25
      3 months/single entry 5 days 40
      6 months/single entry 5 days 60
      New issuance 6 months/single entry 7 days 85
      6 months/multiple entry 7 days 135
      6 months/multiple entry 7 days 185
      3 months/multiple entry 7 days 100
      3 months/multiple entry 7 days 100
    • Visa to China, Hongkong
    • Type of Visa Duration Price (USD) Remark
      One month/time 4 days 50 - Passport (original) -1 new photo (4x6 size, white background)
      7 days 105
    • II. Procedure
    • We receive the request by fax or email form applicant with information as follows:
    • 1. Full names (please include gender)
      2. Date of birth
      3. Nationality
      4. Occupation
      5. Passport No. (valid at least 06 months)
      6. Date of arrival
      7. Port of arrival (please choose either Noi Bai (Ha noi) or Tan Son Nhat (Saigon-Ho Chi Minh City) or both
      8. Length of stays (one month for tourist visa)
      9. Place where you’d like to obtain visa (Name the capital or city where the nearest Vietnam Embassy or Consulate General is located in your country)
    • III. Steps
    • 1. Example of a traveler’s application:
      - 14JUNE2007/NOIBAI AIRPORT/1MONTH/VANCOUVER (sample only)
    • 2. Upon receiving the visa request(s), we will submit the details to the Emigration and Immigration Office (the I/O) and wait for the visa approval (normally 04-05 days).
    • 3. If approved, I/O will send us the visa approval notice and also notifies the Vietnam Embassy or Consulate at the same time by fax. In case of visa on arrival, I/O will not fax visa approval to Embassy or Consulate, instead, our guide will bring the original visa approval to I/O representative at airport where you choose to enter in Vietnam and meet you there. Please remember to provide us the arrival date of your flight to Vietnam.
    • 4. We will notify you of the visa approval either by hand-delivering it to you, or by fax, e-mail, post, and telephone. We will also inform you the approval number and date of fax or sometimes a copy of the approval if necessary.
    • 5. You contact Vietnam Embassy or Consulate to obtain visa (usually one working day).